Sensational Healing Allied Health is a multidisciplinary practice based at the Ripley Town Centre in Ripley, Ipswich QLD. We offer attachment-focused mental health and developmental therapies to children who have experienced developmental trauma, abuse and neglect. Sensational Healing use a bottom-up approach to mental health care and aims to provide children, young people, adults and their families a safe place to recover from trauma and re-establish happy and healthy relationships within the family unit. We work with foster families, adoptive families, residential care facilities, families who have experienced family violence and families of children who have experienced pre-natal drug and alcohol exposure.

Sensational Healing Allied Health provides a holistic approach to therapy service, including comprehensive assessments, child and family centred interventions, psychoeducation for families and education and support for schools or other agencies working with children.

We also support children who do not come from a trauma background but need support with developmental delays, mental health challenges, sensory processing disorder/sensory integration difficulties, motor difficulties or other disabilities. 


Sensational Healing aims to support children to improve their everyday functioning in a way that is meaningful to the individual