About Sensational Healing

Sensational Healing aims to provide expert therapy support to children and their families

Mission and values

Sensational Healing Allied Health finds its uniqueness in the belief that we don’t work with children, we work with families. We believe that every child exists within a family and a community, and by strengthening those connections, a child has the best chance of becoming their best selves. We pride ourselves on our attachment (i.e. relationship) focused framework and how this translates into practice. This framework also exists within our team, in that we believe our positive and supportive relationships within the workplace not only foster better therapeutic outcomes for our clients, but also facilitate positive mental and physical well-being for our staff. Our desire for work/life balance extends to our staff and we aim to be an employer that helps you to achieve this for yourself and your family. Sensational Healing aims to provide expert occupational therapy support to children and their families who experience developmental delay, mental health difficulties, have experienced developmental trauma, or have behavioural challenges.  
Sensational Healing Allied Health use a bottom up approach to mental health care, which means that we help children first and foremost to become regulated so they can be calm which allows them to use the methodical parts of their brain (thinking parts) to make good choices. We also strongly believe that children need to be met at their developmental level regardless of their age, which helps us to adapt our approaches and how we provide care and support. 
We also provide evidence based practice, meaning we keep up to date with the most recent research in the fields of occupational therapy, psychology and speech pathology as well as mental health to ensure that your children receive the best possible service that we can provide.  

Our history

Sensational Healing Allied Health was founded at the beginning of 2018, as a small, home-based private clinic, that aimed to provide support to children, young people and their families needing support related to child development and child mental health. Sensational Healing is owned and operated by Kathryn Torney and Matthew Kane. Along with their little boy Archer, they wanted to create a family business that fostered their needs as a family to achieve work/life balance, but also helped other families in the community.
Sensational Healing Allied Health has grown and evolved to become much more than a small family clinic. We now aim to provide multidisciplinary care to children and young people, with a primary focus on building relationships and strengthening families. Sensational Healing Occupational Therapy has its principal clinic based in the Ripley Valley, and provides home visiting and outreach services to Ipswich City, the Scenic Rim, Logan City and Lockyer Valley local government areas.

Who We See

Sensational Healing Allied Health provides comprehensive assessment and intervention to children, adolescents, young adults (18-25 years) and their families, who may be experiencing difficulties such as:

  • Behavioural and/or learning difficulties
  • Emotional and/or mental health difficulties
  • Exposure to childhood trauma and neglect
  • Developmental delays
  • Sensory processing difficulties
  • Motor and coordination difficulties
  • Children who are currently in state care (foster and residential care)
  • New parents who have a history of childhood trauma and need parenting support

Contact Details

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Mon to Fri 8:00 - 17:00

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