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Speech pathology and Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy aims to support children and young people to improve their everyday functioning in a way that is meaningful to the individual. Each client works closely with their therapist to determine their specific challenges, identify strengths and work together to achieve their goals. Commonly, occupational therapists at Sensational Healing Allied Health work with clients who are experiencing difficulties in:

  • Gross and fine motor skill development 
  • Sensory processing including sensory avoidance or sensory seeking behaviours 
  • Executive function challenges and learning difficulties 
  • Social skill difficulties
  • Challenges with emotional regulation 
  • Difficulties with activities of daily living such as performing personal care tasks or developing independent living skills
  • Daily functioning because of the impact of mental illness or mental health issues

Mental Health Occupational Therapy

A mental health OT is a professional who seeks to understand how everyday functioning is impacted upon by mental health issues, and in some cases, how problems in daily functioning can actually cause mental health issues. For example, how excessive video games and inactivity can lead to depression. A mental health OT will also aim to support someone to improve their mental health through engagement in activities that are meaningful and important to the person, such as eating well, getting regular exercise and socialising with friends and family.

Mental Health Social Worker

Our mental health social workers provide support to people who may have more complex challenges that involve more than just themselves. Social workers use a ‘biopsychosocial’ framework, meaning they want to understand the person in the context of not only themselves, but also their family, their friends and their community. Our social workers often work with more than just the child, also working closely with the parents, step-parents, foster parents, schools and other important members of the child or young person’s life. In other cases, social workers may also work solely with parents to support them to address their current or past challenges that may be currently impacting on their parenting journey.


Most people know that psychologists commonly provide mental health care. Here at Sensational Healing Allied Health, our psychologists commonly provide support to people who have individualised or internalised difficulties, such as low self esteem, thoughts of suicidal ideation or self harm, or difficulties with emotional regulation. Psychologists typically work in a more 1 to 1 manner, supporting the person to improve their confidence, resilience, or increase their coping strategies and skills.

Play Therapist

Our play therapists, whom are also accredited in the one of the three above listed disciplines, are a very special type of therapist. They use the childhood occupation of play as the mode to help younger children express themselves and their experiences, in a way that is safe, meaningful and individualised to the child. Play therapy is an especially powerful tool for children who are too young for traditional ‘talk therapies’. It is also a valuable method of therapy for children whom have had adverse childhood experiences very early in life where language was not yet fully developed and therefore the child may not have the words to explain their experiences.

Therapy Assistance

Our Therapy Assistants work closely with our Occupational Therapists to work towards NDIS goals. Our Therapy Assistants predominately work in the community meaning that they can work towards community access, life skills, transport and leisure tasks. This can include tasks such as meal planning, shopping, food preparation and cleaning up or learning how to do the laundry. Some of our Therapy Assistants help their current clients by assisting in accessing leisure activities or physical activities, sometimes they learn how to use public transport.

When working with our primary school aged clients, our Therapy Assistants work more predominately in the clients home on a variety of activities to help meet their therapeutic goals. This can include fine motor activities, gross motor activities, self-care activities, social and cognition skills.

Sessions with our Therapy Assistants are generally 2 hours in duration though can be flexible for our younger clients. Utilising a Therapy Assistant is a great way to receive more therapy to make progress towards goals sooner.

Speech pathology

Speech pathologists support clients and their families to improve their communication and language skills. This can include supporting young children with speech and language skills or older children, adolescents and adults with pragmatic communication skills, i.e. the social and functional use of language. Speech pathologists also provide support to people who may require access to alternative methods of communication such as communication devices or visual based communication strategies.


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