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Therapy Assistance

Therapy Assistance

Our Therapy Assistants work closely with our Occupational Therapists to work towards NDIS goals. Our Therapy Assistants predominately work in the community meaning that they can work towards community access, life skills, transport and leisure tasks. This can include tasks such as meal planning, shopping, food preparation and cleaning up or learning how to do the laundry. Some of our Therapy Assistants help their current clients by assisting in accessing leisure activities or physical activities, sometimes they learn how to use public transport.

When working with our primary school aged clients, our Therapy Assistants work more predominately in the clients home on a variety of activities to help meet their therapeutic goals. This can include fine motor activities, gross motor activities, self-care activities, social and cognition skills.

Sessions with our Therapy Assistants are generally 2 hours in duration though can be flexible for our younger clients. Utilising a Therapy Assistant is a great way to receive more therapy to make progress towards goals sooner.

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